Other than a simple identification of a pest problem and a quick word with our customers to give advice, there are two main types of Inspections:
1. Visual Timber Pest Inspections, and

2. Commercial Premises Pest Inspections


These Inspections are carried out by or Licensed and Accredited Inspectors, according to The Australian Standard 4349-3 1998, Inspection of Buildings.

This type of Inspection will be followed up by a Written Report, which will comment on such things as:

  • Timber pests covered in the Report, s.a. Termites, Fungi, Ventilation, Borers, Defibration etc. – as explained in our Section “Timber Pests”.
  • Susceptibility of the premises
  • Damage located
  • Advice given on correcting the problem
  • Referrals, s.a. to builders in certain cases
  • Proposed Management Plan for your problem area/s
  • (supported by our advice and clarification on options available
  • to you)
  • Technical Data (Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Advice on what you, our customer, can contribute to a successful management of your problem/s
  • Too many aspects and details to mention not only do the Accredited Inspectors of Heritage Pest Control meet the accepted Standards recognized by the Industry and Legal Profession but our training is on-going.

Expert knowledge of new methods, developments, changing building styles and materials that may impact on your property, is constantly updated. The end result is that we, at Heritage Pest Control, can guide you all the way through, but in a way that you are comfortable with and also that you understand what needs to be done.


These Inspections are carried out by our Licensed and accredited Inspectors according to the Industry Best Practice Standards and Requirement that may apply according to Government Departments, s.a. Work Cover Regulations, EPA etc.

  • These types of Inspections will include such matters as: Identification of your pest problem/s
  • Any matters contributing, s.a. sanitation, cultural (pest) influence, habitat, biology, physical barriers etc.
  • Risk assessment of premises and the recommendations to eliminate or reduce such risks (this includes risk to people, premises, animals, environment etc.)
  • Methods, treatments and technology available for your specific problems
  • Recommendations, which you can attend to yourself, to achieve a successful control program.
  • Ongoing and additional services we can offer (e.g. Refer to our section on Bird Proofing)
  • Our logbook System, Industry Department Heads, Notification System (designed to help prevent problems before they develop) and other Reporting Systems.
  • Information on Legal matters impacting on your situation or requested by you.
  • And many more details

We are confident that you will notice the difference when you deal with our staff as they are trained in the Commercial Pest Control’s “Best Practice”.

We, at Heritage Pest Control, provide all of our assistance in the style of

“Good Old Fashion Service”


Insurance is a must

In the event of professional errors or negligence, you will be protected. We are covered by Rapid Solutions / Pacific International Insurance Limited New Zealand.