TimberSure® Timber Replacement Warranty

Termites are hidden invaders and destroyers of your home, but TimberSure® gives you real security with a full Timber Replacement Warranty

No Property Is Safe From Termites!

Independent government data compiled by State Forests shows 1 in every 5 homes is attacked by termites at some stage in its life.

But, while your home is insured against damage by fire, you’ll almost certainly find that your home insurance policy excludes termite damage. This is due to the great extent of the termite problem in Australia, and the impossibility of protecting against attack.

Australia’s subterranean termite species (white ants) are the most destructive timber pests in the world. In fact it can take “as little as 3 months for a termite colony to severely damage almost all the timber in a home”.

How Termites Attack Your Home

The most destructive species live in large underground nests containing several million timber destroying insects.

The problem arises when a nest matures near your home. Your home provides natural shelter and a food source for the termites. They’ll travel up to 100 metres to enter your home where there is a smorgasbord of timber to feast upon. Even concrete slabs don’t act as a barrier. Termites can penetrate through cracks in the slab to gain access to your home. They even build mud tubes to gain access to above ground timbers.

A Thorough Approach is essential To Protecting Your Home

Your TimberSure Termite Program needs to be tailored to suit your home. A complete treatment program is divided into two parts.

Stage One – Inspection and Colony Control Measures. Your TimberSure program commences with a thorough inspection and written report. This forms the foundation of all successful termite management programs. It involves gaining access to areas where termites may be active and checking all the visible timbers in your property. If the termites haven’t been disturbed, then tiny amounts of a termite control dust may be used to try and eradicate the colony. Termite baits stations for the detection and control of future activity may also be installed.

Any recommendations made on environmental modifications to minimise termite activity will need to be implemented by you. This may include improving ventilation and drainage and the removal of items that attract termites to your home.

Whilst these measures will counter the immediate threat of termites, and perhaps eradicate the colony that is currently attacking your home, they provide no protection against other termite colonies. Thus, if another nest exists near your home, there are still no measures in place to protect you.

Stage Two – Provision of a Treated Zone. This involves the formation of a Treated Zone in the soil around and under your home, using an approved termite control agent. This will provide a barrier which will impede concealed termite entry.

You receive a TimberSure Warranty underwritten by Pacific International Insurance Limited, New Zealand.

When you accept a full TimberSure treatment you are protected by a TimberSure Warranty, underwritten by Pacific International. This means you can be reassured that your claim can be settled quickly.

So you can rest easy. TimberSure is available for both existing homes and new homes.

TimberSure Can Safely Guard Your Home For A Lifetime

Termites are great at camouflage, so their presence is not always immediately obvious. Termite barriers may be damaged by digging in the garden or making extensions to your home. This makes it imperative that your home is inspected at least annually.

Following this inspection, and the completion of any recommendations, you can renew your TimberSure Warranty every year for the life of your home.

Termite Inspection And Control Is A Job For Skilled Professionals

The very extensive Australian Standard, AS 3660 Protection of buildings from subterranean termites, deals with the problem. Yet frequently it is not followed. Some ‘pest controllers’, while claiming to follow the Standard, cut corners. They don’t apply control agents at the correct rates, often they only perform a partial treatment, or worse still, they don’t use careful safety procedures. This frequently makes their price look very attractive – but you may be left with many more problems.

With modern termite control agents, it is absolutely essential that the right concentrations and amounts are applied, in the approved manner. And a thorough inspection to draw up a planned approach including colony location and control procedures is vital.

So while the price of some may look attractive you’re likely to lose out in the long run, termites will probably return, and you’ll be left with a lot of heartache!

Why You Should Choose A TimberSure Specialist

In recognising the need for both increased professionalism, and an approach that was environmentally acceptable, Pacific International Insurance had to develop an independent accreditation system. This was integral to offering you TimberSure cover.

In addition to completing special advanced training programs Accredited TimberSure Specialists undergo a rigorous, independent examination of their professional standards to ensure they are qualified to provide you with the expert opinion and treatment you need.

This means that when you select a TimberSure Program you can be certain your home will be guarded from further attack.

The TimberSafe Warranty is administered by RAPID Solutions Pty Ltd (ACN 055 149 203) on behalf of Pacific International Insurance Limited (New Zealand).

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