TimberSure® and TimberSafe® Timber Replacement Warranty

A new product has hit the market. Pacific International Insurance Limited has accredited Heritage Pest Control as a TimberSafe/TimberSure specialist. As an accredited TimberSafe/TimberSure firm we are able to provide the following WARRANTY.

TimberSure Timber Replacement Warranty

The TimberSure warranty is available to homeowners on completion of a termite treatment when active termites are found on a property. Steps will need to be taken to protect the house before the warranty can be issued.

  • Step 1:     Complete a Full Termite Inspection to ascertain the extent of the Termite problem
  • Step 2:     Treat & eradicate the colony in the house also taking into account there may be areas outside that need treating, i.e. timber sleepers or a nest in a tree.
  • Step 3:     Forming a treated zone (chemical barrier) around or under the house to impede termites from entering or implementing a baiting program around the house /property to protect from further intrusions, in some cases both methods may be required.
  • Step 4:     A TimberSure Warranty can be issued following the completion of the termite treatment for 12 months.

The home is now covered against new damage following a termite attack up to the value of $100.000. This includes all structural & decorative timbers & “make good repairs”.


TimberSafe Timber Replacement WarrantyTimberSafe warranty can be offered to a homeowner once a termite inspection has been preformed and there is no evidence of termites on the property and the surrounding areas.

The cost of the warranty is $100.00 and is valid for 12 months covering all structural and decorative timbers and “make good repairs” to the value of $100,000.

Conditional TimberSafe warranties are most often issued this is when the homeowner must do rectification work in order to receive the warranty.

Examples of rectifications are as follows:

  • Improve subfloor ventilation
  • Test drill suspect trees on property and treat if necessary
  • Remove timber sleepers or timber garden edging
  • Extend hot water over flow pipe
  • If house was built with an exposed slab ensure continuation
  • Fit termite proof stirrups to timbers in contact with house.

The homeowner has 3 months to carry out all works, once completed the conditional TimberSafe warranty can be issued at the same price of $100.00 valid for 12 month from the date of the original inspection. Once again covering the house up to $100.000 for damage to structural and decorative timber replacement and “make good repairs”.